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Roscoe's Redskins
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QB Denver Team Qb vs. Indianapolis Colts (Sun 4:15pm)
Philadelphia Team Qb vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Sun 1:00pm)
RB Quentin Griffin (Injured Reserve) vs. Indianapolis Colts (Sun 4:15pm)
Travis Henry (Doubtful) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sun 1:00pm)
Steven Jackson (Probable) vs. New York Jets (Sun 1:00pm)
Edgerrin James @ Denver Broncos (Sun 4:15pm)
Lee Suggs @ Houston Texans (Sun 1:00pm)
Brian Westbrook vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Sun 1:00pm)
WR Antonio Bryant @ Houston Texans (Sun 1:00pm)
Plaxico Burress (Questionable) @ Buffalo Bills (Sun 1:00pm)
Kelly Campbell @ Washington Redskins (Sun 1:00pm)
Chris Chambers @ Baltimore Ravens (Sun 1:00pm)
Keary Colbert (Probable) vs. New Orleans Saints (Sun 1:00pm)
Peerless Price @ Seattle Seahawks (Sun 4:05pm)
David Terrell vs. Green Bay Packers (Sun 1:00pm)
Hines Ward (Probable) @ Buffalo Bills (Sun 1:00pm)
Reggie Wayne @ Denver Broncos (Sun 4:15pm)
TE Eric Johnson @ New England Patriots (Sun 1:00pm)
Jermaine Wiggins @ Washington Redskins (Sun 1:00pm)
K David Akers vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Sun 1:00pm)
Def Arizona Defense vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sun 4:05pm)

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