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Bill's Packers
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QB Carolina Team Qb vs. New Orleans Saints (Sun 1:00pm)
Green Bay Team Qb @ Chicago Bears (Sun 1:00pm)
Tennessee Team Qb vs. Detroit Lions (Sun 1:00pm)
RB Nick Goings vs. New Orleans Saints (Sun 1:00pm)
Ahman Green @ Chicago Bears (Sun 1:00pm)
Jamal Lewis (Questionable) vs. Miami Dolphins (Sun 1:00pm)
Curtis Martin @ St. Louis Rams (Sun 1:00pm)
Willis McGahee vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sun 1:00pm)
WR Isaac Bruce vs. New York Jets (Sun 1:00pm)
Nate Burleson @ Washington Redskins (Sun 1:00pm)
Eddie Kennison (Probable) @ San Diego Chargers (Sun 4:15pm)
Keenan McCardell (Questionable) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Sun 4:15pm)
Santana Moss @ St. Louis Rams (Sun 1:00pm)
Muhsin Muhammad vs. New Orleans Saints (Sun 1:00pm)
Javon Walker @ Chicago Bears (Sun 1:00pm)
TE Dallas Clark @ Denver Broncos (Sun 4:15pm)
Marcus Pollard (Doubtful) @ Denver Broncos (Sun 4:15pm)
K Morten Andersen @ Washington Redskins (Sun 1:00pm)
John Kasay vs. New Orleans Saints (Sun 1:00pm)
Def Atlanta Defense @ Seattle Seahawks (Sun 4:05pm)
Seattle Defense vs. Atlanta Falcons (Sun 4:05pm)

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